Our priority is Health, Safety, Security and the Environment. The protection of human life at all cost is our Mission. We achieve this with Advanced Technologies and a passionate team of Expertly Trained individuals.

The words "Zero Harm" have been synonymous with a seemingly unattainable goal of prevention of all incidents, accidents with loss of life and the prevention of injury being the intended result; we have achieved this with a team of Professionals accompanied by years of Experience in the Oil & Gas sector which has allowed us to Protect, Expose, Retool, Maintain, Implement, Test (P.E.R.M.I.T.) existing safe to work standards.

Monitoring, Maintaining and Management of a highly complexed Zero Harm Safety System ensures that life remains the highest priority and is protected at all cost.


Protect, Supply, Train to keep you Zero Harm Safe

We pride ourselves with having the capability to assess your safety needs and develop a strategy to keep you zero harm safe. Our range of services includes Panic Room Construction, Surveillance, Backup Power Supply Systems and Green Energy Solutions ideally suited for home and small business owners. The "Zero Harm" experience will protect, prevent and perform by our company's initiatives;

• Zero injuries • Zero fatalities • Zero environmental damage • Zero tolerance regarding personal safety • Safety first, safety last with Zero Harm in between.

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the safety & security of our family is the number one priorty, zero harm is how we make it happen

-- Simon Wright--


The Professional & Outstanding Innovation of our Passionate team makes us unique. Our Exceptional Service our Competitive Rates and our hollistic approach to everything Safety has enabled us to be viable in all areas that ensure life protection.


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Ayana Peters

some clients we've worked with

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Our diverse capability has lead to diverse clientele; home owners, hazardous waste disposal companies and the energy sector just to name a few. We have provided protection from hazardous chemicals and waste, assisted the authorities in crinimal investigations, prevented harm from coming to clients when faced with natural disasters.

We are complete offering health, nutritional, fitness and personal training with our partner company Everlast Fitness, we are ready and waiting to offer you the advice you didn't know you needed, the infrastructure for security that you didn't know you could afford and the training that is necessary to protect that what matters most, a Zero Harm Life...


tomorrow is your reward for working safely today

-- Michael Hern--


Our expertise is as far reaching, covering as many aspects of Life Protection as possible by ensuring safety and security at your home, office or industry. We have three major divisions as outlined below which are scalable for the further subdivision of "Home & Home Office", "Small & Medium Commerical Business" and "Large, Public Sector & Industrial".

The principles behind a Zero Harm Life extend beyond each division to compliment each other. The workings of Zero Harm policies and procedures within each environment requires routine, awareness, focus and attention to detail, details which may be a life saver when emergencies arise.

Safety drills and safety meetings should not be limited to Business & Industry, but also with family at home. We provide simple and effective assessments, action plans and easy to follow guidelines to ensuring that Life remains free from harm.

Our Testimonials

  • The rapid response of the Zero Harm team who monitored my home whilst I was overseas prevented any loss or damage to my home, these guys are awesome.

    John Mist, Home owner
  • Our documentation, filing system and safety records were all causes for accidents and injury. Inadequate policies, procedures and safety management systems were all updated, upgraded with seminars and training sessions, exceptional job Zero Harm.

    Mike Smith, CodeCanyon
  • Despite the safety management systems in place on all of our offshore installations, Zero Harm was able to assist CODCO Services Limited achieve perfect safety records on all its offshore contracts..

    Sarah, GraphicRiver


Our retail department offers everything imaginable to maintain zero harm to people and property. Our extensive product lines, our in-house construction and installation teams cover everything from surveillance cameras, sprinkler & fire safety systems, panic rooms, electrified fencing, boundary wall upgrades, access control systems, electromagnetic locks, alarm systems, backup power systems, home/office automation systems, retaining walls, clean airconditioning and much more.


(868) 665-6203

Level 1, Bethlehem Park, 300 Southern Main Road


We are available to answer any questions you may have and to respond to any accident or emergency with 24 hour support. We would love to hear from you, drop us a line and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

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